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Manual How can I download the chosen CAD model and import it into the CAD system? (Supplier portals)

Follow the steps listed below to download a CAD model:

  1. Navigate to the desired part.

  2. In the download area of CAD models, under Edit CAD formats -> Add CAD formats select the transfer mode download. Then determine one or several formats and click on Save. (For details see Section, “How can I select a CAD format? | How can I define the transfer mode into the CAD system? (Supplier portals)”.)

    -> The view returns to the dialog area Generation options / Selected formats. Confirm your entries by clicking on Save.

  3. In the dialog area for the CAD model selection click on Generate CAD model.

    -> The information dialog Generating CAD models opens.

    [Note] Note

    All formats selected under Download CAD models -> Edit CAD formats -> Selected Formats are generated.

    As long as the generation is running, is shown.

  4. As soon as the generation has completed, the CAD models can be downloaded in this window directly. For this click on Download.

    If you close this window, further CAD models can be selected.

    Furthermore all generated CAD models are listed in the download area.

    -> At the transfer mode CAD models to download the link text will be Download.

    In addition the following is shown:

    • Info: Specific part information (see the next point).

    • Remove: By clicking on the link you can remove parts from the list, which are no longer required.

  5. After clicking on the link Info specific part information is displayed:

    • Preview image

    • Part description

    • Status information about generation

      Generation in progress

      Generation successful

      Generation not successful. A corresponding error message shows up.

    • Status information about download

    • Formats: Listing of all download formats

    • Level of Detail

    • Generation date

    • Language

    • to overview of all currently available models.

In order to import the models into the CAD system, do the following:

  1. Click on the Download link or the symbol .

    -> The File download window opens in order to determine the storage location.

  2. Temporarily save the attached ZIP file anywhere.

  3. Unpack the files with WINZIP or a similar program.

  4. Import the file into your CAD system.

    For some formats, you can receive exact CAD-specific information by clicking on the Info icon under Edit CAD formats -> Selected formats.