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2.7.  PARTsolutions variables

Available PARTsolutions variables:

  • $CADENAS (Software)

  • $CADENAS_DATA (catalog data)


  • $CADENAS_SETUP (inter alia scripts, configuration files)

  • $CADENAS_SITESETUP (see Section 1.7.6, “ $CADENAS_SITESETUP” in PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - Administration Manual)



    Example: If the USER directory has been deleted, all values are loaded from the DEFAULTUSER directory again.


  • $OSNAME: Name of operation system

  • $CADENAS_PROGHELP: Directory of program help

    Default for the program help is $CADENAS/proghelp. With the help of this system variable you can specify another location for "proghelp".



  • $TMP

  • $TEMP


    • Saving of reports, analyses, common documents of PARTconnection

    • Saving document scans

Via Help menu -> System info/Support the dialog box PARTsolutions system information is opened, where you can find the PARTsolutions variables with their current path. Via variable links you can open the respective directories. However, you have to have required administration rights.