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6.2. After installation

After installation all manuals are available in the internal program help.

Call the program help via Help menu -> Help or via F1.

[Note] Note

All manuals available under $CADENAS/proghelp/"language" are loaded.

Searching is performed over ALL manuals.

Help menu

Help menu

-> The documentation opens with the chapter for the currently active application.

Which manuals are available?

  • Installation - Manual

  • What's New? - Chronological sorted new features of the single versions.

  • What's New? - Administration: Chronological sorted important new features of the single versions (concerning administration/customizing)

  • PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - User manual

  • Getting started (pared-down variant of the PARTsolutions User manual)

  • PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - Administration manual

  • PARTsolutions Strategic parts management - Training: ERP/PDM integration, controlled parts creation (samples using the PLDBDEMO database)

  • eCATALOGsolutions - Manual

  • eCATALOGsolutions - Training (Example: Designing a head cap nut)

  • PARTwarehouse - Manual (PLMsynchro, structure and classify company parts catalog and much more)

How can you efficiently find the desired information?

Table of contents

When opening the help the table of contents is displayed by default on the left side, so that you can open all books and subchapters specifically.


You can move back and forth via the buttons Prev and Next.

Moving back and forth according to the sequence of called pages is possible via the blue arrow keys at the top beside the search path display.

Up brings you to the hierarchically next-highest chapter.

Home brings you on the first page of the respective manual.

Search path

The search path shows where you are at the moment. This is especially helpful when using links between different manuals.

The path components are links, so that you can directly jump into the respective chapter.

When clicking on an arrow in the search path, all chapters below the chosen item are listed.


With the button or you can switch between Table of content and Index.

In the index view you will get an alphabetical listing of all index terms. Simply select the desired term.

[Tip] Tip

When selecting a term and then typing the first character of a desired term, the display jumps to the first entry of the respective character.


In order to perform a search, click on the magnifying glass top right. In the input field, enter the search term and click on the magnifying glass once again.

The search result shows the corresponding search terms in parallel on the left, so that you can further filter there if needed.