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5.4.5. Change licenses (Single workstation)

When changing licenses it is recommended to perform this at file level. Here, you have full control.

  1. Click F7.

    -> The dialog box PARTsolutions system info - PARTsolutions by CADENAS is opened.

  2. Click on the link under $CADENAS_LICENSE, which brings you to the adequate place inside the folder structure.

    Then open the directory keys.

    All available licenses are saved here.

    • *.cnsldb: License file

    • *.cnsldbbak: Backup file

      On the tabbed page Licenses, when clicking on the button Remove file(s), then this is not completely removed, but will get the string bak attached to the file extension. As long as you don't save, the file can be activated again by clicking on Revert changes. The string bak is then removed again.

  3. Copy your new license file into .../setup/lic/keys and remove files not needed anymore (or rename them to cnsldbbak).

  4. Start PARTadmin.

    -> The new license file is displayed.