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3.2.3. Setup clients without installation routine

Software deployment in companies is very different.

The following describes essential steps how to set environment variables and to register the cad interfaces via batch or registry files.

The deployment of batch and registry files can be conducted by the IT administration automated via GPO. As soon as the user logs in at the client, these files are executed.

  1. Setup client via batch file (*.bat)

    Launching the CAD system via batch file has the advantage, that in the same course the working environment can be set up. Especially when different CAD versions are used, it is an advantage always to register the correct interface in this way.

    The following commands for example can be executed via batch file:

    • Set the needed PARTsolutions environment variables

    • Register the PARTsolutions CAD interface

      [Note] Note

      If different versions of a CAD system are used, then the respective batch file is started. This contains the path to the respectively correct registration file of the CAD interface (Register.bat).

      The interface files are stored under:


      The figure shows the content of the batch file "Register.bat".

      The figure shows the content of the batch file "Register.bat".

    • Optionally start other PARTsolutions applications such as PARTproject (modelling) or PARTadmin (administration) for example

      [Note] Note

      PARTsolutions start menu entries are not absolutely necessary.

      PARTdataManager (part selection) is started via the PARTsolutions menu in the CAD system normally.

    Batch file sample:

    @echo off
    rem ---- CADENAS Variablen ----
    Set CADENAS=\\qasrv\cadenas\software
    Set CADENAS_DATA=\\qasrv\cadenas\data
    Set CADENAS_DEFAULTUSER=\\qasrv\cadenas\setup\user\default_user
    Set CADENAS_SETUP=\\qasrv\cadenas\setup
    Set CADENAS_USER=%APPDATA%\cadenas\partsolutions_v9
    Set OSNAME=x86
    rem ---- Start CADENAS Module ----
    rem start %cadenas%\bin\%osname%\padmin.exe
    rem start %cadenas%\bin\%osname%\pdatamgr.exe
    rem start %cadenas%\bin\%osname%\pproject.exe
    rem ---- CAD-Schnittstelle registrieren -----
    rem ---- Start CAD-System ----
    "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Inventor 2010\bin\Inventor.exe"

  2. Set up client via registry file (*.reg)

    PARTsolutions environment variables can be set permanently via *.reg file.

    Registry file sample:

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment]
    "CADENAS"="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\cadenas\\partsolutions\\software"

    In addition the CAD interface has to be registered or integrated.