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Dear PARTsolutions, eCATALOGsolutions user,

welcome to the new V11!

In many companies PARTsolutions is one of the leading software systems helping engineers and purchasers to manage and find company-, supplier- and standard parts. The PARTsolutions module generates native parts within the CAD system that you are using. This means that the parts taken from PARTsolutions, "behave" in a manner as if they were exclusively created in your CAD system. This ensures optimized processing in your CAD system.

The eCATALOGsolutions modules are high performance tools, which allow you to provide standard catalogs for the widest variety of CAD systems. You can create and set parameters for 2D and 3D parts as well as individually configure entire assemblies. The related characteristic attribute tables can be edited by DIN 4001, data from a PDM system can be transferred to a PARTdataManager table. Sketches, tables, dimensional drawings and additional information are summarized in so-called project files. With help of these project files, the catalogs in the individual PARTsolutions modules can later be shown, selected, and exported to CAD systems.

The individual modules have been proving themselves in worldwide use over many years ― each for itself and as an unbeatable package.

We hope to make your beginning with the "new tool" as easy as possible for you and hope to be a constructive help to solving your problems.


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