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14.9.  3D preview

No display or affected display

Virtually all PARTsolutions modules feature 3-D views. This allows you to visualize components or assemblies before exporting them to your CAD system.

However, certain graphics adapters do not support rendered display for the 3D preview in the PARTsolutions modules. Consequently, the 3-D display (resolution or sequences of motion) is affected in a PARTsolutions module. You can make the following corrective settings in the relevant module GUI in order to eliminate these errors or reduce their effects.


Open the Options menu via Extras, Settings... and then open the 3D view dialog box.

Check the Software rendering option button so that the 3-D display is "software-driven" (Open GL, Windows). This is because Software rendering provides a reliable display mode which may sometimes not be so "demanding".

[Note] Note

Saved settings field: if you delete the CADENAS settings which you have made (e.g. Cadenas (high quality)), these cannot be restored!