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Manual Splitting of project with value range variable in two projects with fixed variable

The old project splitinto2.prj with the value range variable FORM shall be splitted into two target projects splitinto2a.prj and splitinto2b.prj with a fixed variable FORM.

In this case, depending on the selection in the value range on the left side (old project), different target projects have to be opened on the right side. On this use Conditions.

Proceed as follows in order to perform mappings.

  1. Check, whether all needed target projects are listed under Target project. (On this enlarge the dialog area.)

    An automatic mapping has only been performed partly: The first target project has been automatically detected, however not the second one.

    If not all needed ones are available, add them via Add target project .

    -> The dialog box Search or select project opens.[57]

  2. For each project, create a condition which controls the selection of the correct value.

    In order to avoid a syntax error it is recommended to fetch a correct sample into the clipboard.

    Therefore select a line and click on the context menu command Generate algorithm matching the selected line and copy it to clipboard (or on the same icon above alternatively).

  3. In the dialog area Conditions click on the button Add condition .

    -> The dialog box Edit algorithm opens.

  4. Enter the saved syntax from the clipboard and adjust it accordingly.

    For project splitinto2a.prj the condition is FORM.EQ.'A' and for project splitinto2b.prj FORM.EQ.'B'.

    Finally confirm with OK.

    -> The condition is entered in the dialog area.

  5. Repeat the procedure for the other project.

    If now, in the left table (old version), the value of the value range variable FORM is changed, then automatically, in the right table (new version), the respective project with the correct fixed variable FORM is chosen.

    If the switching is working correctly you can click on Verify all mappings .

    [Note] Note

    If the correct icon is not displayed immediately you can update the display by closing the dialog box (with OK) and reopening.

[57] In order to enable searching the full-text search index has to be generated.