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Manual  Create native project

Files created by a CAD system can be integrated, managed and then re-exported to the CAD in PARTsolutions. Such CAD files are applied in PARTproject as native projects. In contrast to the respective interface function,[32] not only one, but several, CAD files can be integrated per batch run into PARTsolutions in one go.

  1. Enter the Directory in which the CAD part files are stored.

  1. Set all File types which you want to integrate as native projects.

    Use all buttons , in order to add or delete rows.

  1. Enter the program which you are using as your Batch program . The batch program (created by respective interface developer) changes the CAD files into a PARTsolutions readable format.

  2. In the Check-in file (created by batch program) field, storage location and name of the changed file are to be entered.

  3. In order to document possible errors during conversion process, a protocol file is created. Enter the storage location and name of the protocol in the error file .

  4. Should the output files (Directory field) no longer be needed after conversion you can delete these via Remove original files after processing .

[Note] Note

You should only use the option Remove original files after processing if you are absolutely certain that the files to be deleted will never be needed again.

[32] In different CAD systems, the PARTsolutions interface contains a command with which individual CAD parts can be applied in the PARTdataManager as native projects.