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11.2.3. Conparts

Defines which parts can be connected and in which way.


    <connection ftype="..." ttype:"..." both="..." >
        <variable part="to" valuefrom="100" valueto="200">
      <flip tcon="tocon" angles="..." trev="tocon_face"
      <tabmapping tvar="..." fvar="..." sync="..." />

conparts (connection parts)

Child element:

  • connection



    Name of the part (optional if ftype is specified)


    Name of connection points


    Alternative to fid + fcon, the type could be specified. Multiple types can be specified by using a “,” separator.


    Name of the part (optional if ttype is specified)


    Name of connection points


    Alternative to tid +tcon, the type could be specified. Multiple types can be specified by using a “,” separator.

    [Hinweis] Hinweis

    There are two basic ways to specify the connection:

    1. The id attribute under <part> is referenced by the fid and tid attribute under <connection> and

      the name attribute under <part> -> <cp> is referenced by the fcon and tcon attribute under <connection>.

    2. A more flexible way of referencing is using the type attribute.

      The type attribute under <part> -> <cp> is referenced by the ftype and ttype attribute under <conparts>.


    Value = 0: One direction. "FROM" part can be connected with "TO" part.

    Value = 1: Both directions

    [Hinweis] Hinweis

    Normally the value should be '1'.

    Please check, and possibly change to '1'.


    Value "1": If there is no other rule to follow and no other part possible, the connection would be automatically processed.

    [Achtung] Achtung

    Avoid recursive calls.


    If the connection will be destroyed (concerning "from" part or "to" part), the connected element will also be destroyed.

    [Hinweis] Hinweis


    If the connection point is not available with a certain size, the connection elements will be destroyed.

    Child elements:

    • flip (especially for angles)


      angles: (comma separated listed; the first value is default.
      strict: values: 0/1(1:only specified angles may be used)
    • distance

      This tag allows setting a distance between two connected parts.


      valuefrom: minimum value of distance
      valueto: maximum value of distance
      values: values the distance can take
      strict: has to be one of the given values
    • tabmapping (mapping of table values)

      Example: The element to be inserted should have the same hight.


      fvar: Name of the variables in part FROM.
      tvar: Name of the variables in part TO.
      fvalue: Value for fvar.
      tvalue: Value for tvar.
      force: 1: Is always mapped. It does not matter whether 'a' is connected at 'b' or the other way around.
      reset: 1: If connection is released, the value in resetval will be returned.
      sync="always" : If this option is selected, a tab mapping will be done after every change of the named variable. If not used, a tab mapping will be done only during the first building of the part.
    • condition

      A condition must be used, when the connection is only valid under a certain condition.

      [Hinweis] Hinweis


      The connection element for a slide door has to have a minimum size. This should be specified using a condition element.


    <connection ftype="pipe_l" ttype="pipe_r,pipe_l,bow" both="1">
      <flip tcon="tocon" angles="0,45,60,90,115,180,215,270" trev="tocon_face" />
      <tabmapping tvar="DURCHMESSER" fvar="DURCHMESSER" sync="always" />
      <tabmapping tvar="STAERKE" fvar="STAERKE" sync="always" />