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3D viewer Radial Menu: Better handling and intuitive operating for web and app

The 3D radial menu is available in the web apllications PARTcloud.net, BIMcatalogs.net and the 3D CAD model download portal PARTcommunity app as well as the PARTcommunity web app.


A single tap - manifold selection



With only a single tap, different alignments of the 3D CAD models are displayed to the user and the model can be viewed from all angles. There is also the option of animated CAD models.

a. Front view (Z)
b. Rear view (-Z)
c. Left view (-X)
d. Right view (X)
e. Top view (Y)
f. Bottom view (-Y)
g. Isometric view
h. Animation


Moreover, various shading possibilities can be selected: The edges can be displayed or a combination of both possibilities is shown in a model.

a. Edges
b. Shaded
c. Shaded with edges


The 3D CAD model can also be used for different virtual realities and have them displayed.

a. Virtual Reality (Cardboard etc.)
b. Anaglyph view
c. Dreamoc HD3
d. Dreamoc XL2
e. Camera background


Additional features, such as dimensioning or screenshots, are also available to the user.

a. Scale to window size
b. Cut
c. Dimensioning
d. Explosion
e. Full screen
f. Leap Motion


In our video, you can see how the 3D radial menu looks on a mobile device: