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  • Updated: July 25, 2017
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How to VORONIZE your 3D Models ? - http://www.voronator.com/


About this service - http://www.voronator.com/

Supported formats

Currently supported formats for input are:
STL    Stereolithography binary and ASCII
PLY Stanford Polygon Library
DAE Collada
OBJ Wavefront Object
OFF Object File Format
As output format we provide STL and PLY (both binary only).

The result is rubbish!

Yeah, that can happen. Not all models are suitable for our Voronoization process.
Take a look at the following models to get an idea what kind of models will not work.
Models with thin solids or convoluted structures will not work with our Voronoization process. 

voronoi slide image voronoi slide image voronoi slide imagevoronoi slide image voronoi slide image voronoi slide image