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  • Updated: May 7, 2014
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How can I filter for certain variables in the table view?

Use the filter, especially for parts with many rows (characteristics), in order to minimize the number of displayed rows.

Follow the steps listed below to filter for certain variables:

  1. Make sure that your are in the dialog area 3D CAD CATALOGS and search for the required part.

  2. At directory level select product groups as long as a concrete assembly or concrete single part has been specified and choose an assembly or a single part.

  3. For tables with many values (columns) switch into Full screen mode by clicking on the icon .

    -> By clicking the icon you return to the standard view.

  4. Click on the filter symbol in the column header of the respective variable with which you want to filter.

    -> The dialog area with the Filter settings opens.

  5. Make your preferred settings. Then click on Apply to confirm your entries.

    -> If you want to change your entries click on Reset. If you want to return without changes click on x.

    -> Only CAD models are shown which correspond to the filter settings.

  6. In order to delete the filter settings, click on Remove all filters.

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