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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a challenge?

It is our goal to increase the exchange of knowledge among engineers of our portal PARTcommunity. As a benefit for our active community members we have created several challenges together with the support of numerous component manufacturers, which are awarded with interesting prizes.

How does it work?

Follow the description and tasks of the respective engineering challenge. Post your contribution together with a photo or screenshot to the defined section within the PARTcommunity portal. After the process is finished an independent jury will figure out the winner and notify him.


We'd be more than happy to answer any questions you have per email under Marketing@cadenas.de or via telephone under +49 (0)821 2 58 58 0 - 0.

Want to start a challenge yourself?

You are a component manufacturer and want to create your own competition? Contact us under Marketing@cadenas.de or per telephone under +49 (0)821 2 58 58 0 - 0.

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Win with your design


Are you a student and, during your studies or training, you have created a project or a thesis in engineering and development?

Show us your design

The best work will be awarded an attractive cash prize for you and your education institution.


1. place: 2.000,- €

2. place: 1.000,- €

3. place: 500,- €

for student & education institution each


Updates & Winners


Send us photos or screenshots of your project or thesis together with a brief description (project duration, assignment, components used, challenges, project result) by 31/07/2017 to the e-mail address: EN2017@cadenas.de with the subject: „Engineering Newcomer 2017".

To secure extra points, you can upload your design additionally at  PARTcloud.net under the category Engineering Newcomer 2017 Instructions for doing so can be found here.

Evaluation criteria

Your work will be evaluated by a jury of experts based on the following criteria:

  • • Innovation/creativity
  • • Practical use, technological benefit, market opportunities
  • • Use of standard/purchased parts, cost concept, variability
  • • Function and handling
  • • Technological implementation
  • • Representation and utilisation of social media for presentation – many likes for your PARTcloud upload will increase your chances of winning

Participation deadline is 31/07/2017 .

The awards ceremony fwill take place at the norel stand of the 36th Motek trade fair in Stuttgart on 10/10/2017.

Examples of designs:

Engineering Newcomer Engineering Newcomer Engineering Newcomer Engineering Newcomer Engineering Newcomer Engineering Newcomer


Winners and further examples in recent years

EN 2016

EN 2015

EN 2014

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