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  • Created March 12, 2020 by Anonymous -, 0 comments, 172 views, 0 likes, Category: Magnet
    Bar magnets Flat pot magnets Rubber coated systems Decoration magnets Organisation magnets Filter systems Magnetic wheels Magnetic catches More standard magnet assemblies Accessories Raw magnets Information desk FlexiMAGS
  • Created October 2, 2019 by Anonymous -, 0 comments, 277 views, 0 likes, Category: Magnet
    Board Components Engineering Kits Cable Components Inductive Components Product Capability  
  • Created April 11, 2019 by Anonymous -, 0 comments, 341 views, 0 likes, Category: Magnet
    Simple-effect linear solenoids: ER series ERC series ECH series CU series ECM series Simple effect double coil solenoids ERD series Reversible linear solenoids: ECR series Bistable solenoids: ERB series Reversible bistable solenoids: ERDI series Linear bistable solenoids: ECI series Electrical locking bolt Holding electromagnets Accessories DIN 43650A Connectors instructions Other information
  • Created November 28, 2018 by Kristina Kusnjer, 0 comments, 384 views, 1 like, Category: Magnet
    About Standex Who We Are / Where We Play   Capabilities Custom Magnetics Design & Value-Add Planar Magnetics Alternative Energy Electric Power Military & Aerospace Medical Transportation
  • Created February 12, 2018 by Anonymous -, 0 comments, 220 views, 0 likes, Category: Magnet
    100 years of manufacturing excellence Driving competitive edge into precision operations Give your business the edge….. Optimum workholding solutions Premier Range Standard Chuck Range Workholding Accessories Supermill Other Products Eclipse Magnetics Worldwide
  • Created December 14, 2015 by Admin CAD-Service, 0 comments, 511 views, 0 likes, Category: Magnet
    AMF MAGNETIC CLAMPING TECHNOLOGY - HIGH-PERFORMANCE AND SAFETY Electromagnetic clamping systems were frequently connected with insecurity, unreliability, overheating or also a high need for maintenance. These disturbing characteristics are now a thing of the past. The innovative electro-permanent technology with its high-performance characteristics is permanently impressive. Behind it lie many years of experience, comprehensive know-how and the mission of offering customer-oriented solutions. The result is convincing: High-quality square poles, arrange..
  • Created December 9, 2015 by Admin CAD-Service, 0 comments, 441 views, 0 likes, Category: Magnet
    DIE AMF-MAGNETSPANNTECHNOLOGIE -MIT SICHERHEIT LEISTUNGSSTARKElektromagnetische Spannsysteme waren häufig verbunden mit Unsicherheit, Unzuverlässigkeit, Überhitzung oder auch einem hohen Wartungsbedarf. Diese störenden Merkmale gehören endgültig der Vergangenheit an. Denn die innovative elektropermanente Technologie der AMF-Magnetspanntechnik überzeugt dauerhaft mit ihren leistungsfähigen Eigenschaften. Dahinter steckt langjährige Erfahrung, umfassendes Know-how und der Anspruch, kundenorientierte Lösunge..
  • Created October 22, 2014 by Kornelija Milic, 0 comments, 596 views, 0 likes, Category: Magnet
    MISUMI Malé součásti / Magnety Pera Spojovací kolíky Pružné kolíky Závitové zátky Trojúhelníkové nálepky/Identifikační nálepky/Výstražné a varovné nálepky Magnety 
  • Created August 6, 2014 by Kristina Kusnjer, 0 comments, 1,142 views, 0 likes, Category: Magnet
    MISUMI Minuterie Magneti Chiavette inclinate a nasello Grani di riferimento doppio inserimento Tappi a vite Adesivi con freccia / Cartelli con freccia / Cartelli segnaletici aperto-chiuso Bulloni a testa esagonale  con magneti (Normali)
  • Created August 1, 2014 by Kristina Kusnjer, 0 comments, 5,525 views, 0 likes, Category: Magnet
    MISUMI Kleinteile/Magnete Passfedern Zylinderstifte Spannstifte Linearskalen Sicherungsketten