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  • Created March 20, 2014 by CADENAS Person, 0 comments, 8,085 views, 1 like, Category: Brush
    Brush Information & Terminology Customize Your Part & the BRM Difference Need More Information Flex-Hone® Tools Abrasive Nylon Filament Brushes Twisted-in-Wire Brushes Miniature Deburring Brushes Automotive Brushes Power Brushes                 Scratch and Maintenance Brushes Strip Brushes Radial Coil Brushes Power Brush Engineering Guide Safety Section
  • Created July 3, 2013 by CADENAS Person, 0 comments, 6,406 views, 0 likes, Category: Brush
    Company profile Information on materials Brush bodies Fill configurations Wheel brushes Half-shell wheel brushes Special wheel and roller brushes Wheel brushes with internal fill Standard strip brushes Strips for C-profiles Special strip brushes Belt and toothed-belt brushes Standard strip brushes flexible End and cup brushes, standard and special profiles Disk brushes Disk brushes special profiles; block brushes Studded disk brushes Metal strip brushes and coil-wound brushes Internal brushes and twisted-in-wire brushes Internal brushe..
  • Created July 3, 2013 by CADENAS Person, 0 comments, 5,050 views, 0 likes, Category: Brush
    Portrait Materialkunde Bürstenkörper Besatzanordnungen Rundbürsten Rundbürsten als Halbschalen Spezielle Rund- und Rundbürsten mit innenliegendem Besatz Standard-Leistenbürsten Leisten für C-Schienen Sonder-Leistenbürsten Riemen- und Zahnriemenbürsten Standard-Leistenbürsten flexibel Kopf- und Pokalbürsten, Standard- und Sonderformen Tellerbürsten Tellerbürsten Sonderformen; Plattenbürsten Stollentellerbürsten Streifenbürsten und gewickelte Bürsten Inne..