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Nixalite of America - Product Catalog (EN)


Premium Nixalite® All Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

E-Spike™ All Stainless Steel Eco-Spikes

Pigeon Spike Stainless All Stainless Steel Spikes

Bird Spike MounƟ ng Hardware and Accessories

FliteLine® Post & Wire Deterrent

Bird-Zap Shock Track

Nixalite® Bird Netting Introduction

Netting Hardware, Accessories, Tools

Deer Blocker™ and BOUNDARY Fence Product

Nixalite Fence Hardware

Vent Guards & Chimney Covers

Bird Wire Mesh, Solar Panel Exclusion, SolaTrim 

Mist Net, Copper Blocker, NetZooka Net Launcher 

HyperSpike AcousƟ c Dispersal Systems 

Live Capture Bird Traps 

Live Capture Animal Traps

Rodent Traps & Repellents

Snake Traps

Bird Haze Generators

Pulse Jet Thermal Foggers

ULV Cold Foggers & Sprayers

Bird Repellents & Deterrents

Animal Repellents & Deterrents

Pest Control Products

Sanitizers, Cleaners & Deodorizers

Safety Equipment

Nixalite® Planning

Nixalite® Order Form, Ordering Information

About Nixalite®

Additional Case Histories