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Inductive proximity switches


Inductive proximity switches for plant and machinery are non-contact and contactless operating sensors for sensing the movement of drives and mechanical components. They are free of mechanical wear and are mainly used as end-position switches, but their robustness (completely moulded) and high switching frequency allow to use them also for many other purposes, for example as pulse sensors / encoders for monitoring rotation speed.

They are preferably used for high switching frequencies and operating speeds, for switching point precision and reliability, and for operation under harsh conditions.

Klaschka offers with the All Metal Standard series of inductive proximity switches also the possibility to detect all metal types at the same distance (reduction factor 1).

The IAD/AHM series is moreover resistant to magnetic fields and operates with extremely high switching frequencies reaching up to 20 kHz (Conventional proximity switches only up to 2 kHz).

Klaschka launched the first inductive proximity switch already in 1964.

Today the sensor range includes more than 1,000 different types. The types specified here represent a selection and are usually available from stock. In addition we offer a large number of customer-specific versions.