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Pulse Sensors and Speed Measurement


Contrary to inductive proximity switches, pulse sensors are, by their high geometrical resolving power, suitable for the detection of fine textures and fast motions (not suitable for axial approach and non-magnetic materials).

  • high switching frequencies up to 25 kHz
  • static (standstill from 0 Hz) and dynamic operation
  • high resolution (< module 1)
  • robust housings
  • increased ambient temperature ranges from approx. -25 to + 120 °C

Pulse Sensors are mainly used for the determination of rotational speed and rotating direction of waves with the help of gear wheels starting from module 0.3. This allows to use these pulse sensors in particular for speed monitoring, incremental encoding, for counting tasks, for position controlling, and forward-backward recognition.

These speed sensors are, for example, also suitable for sensing racks or magnetic tapes in order to detect the speed and direction of linear motions.