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RK Rose+Krieger - RKX Software - (EN)

Created by b2b rk-online October 24, 2022 - Category: Mechanical & Electrical » Software - Tags: #Software  #accessory 

RKX - One interface, countless possibilities



- easy detection of tension oe an overloaded system

- visualisation of motor current for up 32 drives

- storage of your requirements in configuration profiles

- guided start-up of the system

- software update

- system configuration

- system operation

- read-out and export of fault history for detailed analysis


The (Windows software), in conjunction with the -interface (Cable), provides you with numerous different options for interaction with your controller. Alongside the main functions - Update - Service - Configuration - Operating, you can also view the prior run time, the current temperature of the controller, the number of positioning movements completed and much more.