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RK Rose+Krieger - RK Assembly Workstations (EN)


RK Assembly Workstations

Tailored ideally to your tasks


Ergonomic, flexible, efficient and smart
A human being is indispensable for many production processes. RK Rose+Krieger supplies assembly workstations which are tailored to specific demands and ergonomic considerations and can also be integrated into digital production environments as required. Not every  production process can be automated in a practical manner. This applies above all to the manufacturing of complex products in small quantities with a high variability and working sequences and special solutions which cannot be automated in a practical manner. In order to be able to manufacture these kinds of products and perform these kinds of sequences efficiently, special assembly workstations which can be integrated into the digital working environment, are required. The demands made of such digitisable manual workstations are high. They not only have to 
relieve the employee of physically demanding or monotonous tasks, but also have to help to ensure that the working sequences in question are implemented safely and flawlessly. Moreover, the reliability of assembly also has to be guaranteed in the event of an employee change – a particularly critical factor when it comes to quality assurance.
Good ergonomics at the workplace also increases productivity and reduces absences due to illness.


- Work table RK Easywork - Rugged basis for special requirements
Assembly work table combined according to ergonomic and task-specific aspects

- LEAN-workstation / LEAN production:
Plan production processes with LEAN to avoid waste

- Pick to light system - Innovative assistance system:
Paperless goods picking procedures by means of light signals at the storage compartment 

- Poka-yoke workstation - Zero error principle:
Technical equipment to avoid errors in the work process

- Vision controlled assembly system: „Smart Klaus“
Instructions and quality assurance for manual assembly in real time thanks to intelligent image processing

- Workstations with COBOT support:
Collaborative robots support the employee

- Material/transport trolley and kanban systems:
Ideally tailored to your workstation system