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RK Rose+Krieger - Profile Technology BLOCAN (EN)


Profile Technology BLOCAN - Assembly system without machining

The true calibre of a profile is characterised not by the profile itself but in the connection of the profiles to one another. Our years of application experience have enabled us to develop an industrial aluminium profile system that leaves almost nothing to be desired. Boundless creativity, maximum flexibility and proven reliability offer a broad spectrum of possible solutions
for the task in question. You can utilise all the benefits of our system – in particular the option for connection of profiles without the need for mechanical machining. A system is the sum of all its parts, and a successful system is based on strong individual parts.
And to help you select the most suitable range of products for your requirements quickly and easily, we have developed a system that is strictly task-oriented. Within the selected range, you can then determine the ideal size and model based on your performance requirements.

And if you need any further help, we are only too happy to assist.


No need for drill holes ... these are held together without!


- Structural profiles

- Functional profiles

- Heavy duty profiles

- Safety guards

- RK Easywork workstation system