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RK Rose+Krieger - Automated Format Adjustment (EN)


Automated Format Adjustment - Reliable and precise

RK Rose+Krieger and LENORD+BAUER both work together to meet customer demands for fully automated infeed axes.

The linear units and actuators complement each other to create a practical complete package.

The package features:

- E-II single-tube actuators

- EP/EPX (II) twin-tube actuators and

- quad® EV profile actuators from the Move-Tec range.

There is also the option of a short or long actuator with either an aluminium or stainless steel housing. The devices provide a rated torque of 3.5 Nm or 5 Nm.

Lenord+Bauer offers the torque supports necessary in fitting the SeGMo to the corresponding linear actuators. Once the torque support has been fitted, the actuator is simply placed onto the axis and pushed into position. A clamping ring fixes the drive firmly onto the drive shaft of the linear unit. In addition to the positive shaft connection, a flexible motor support also forms the necessary floating bearing on the torque support.

The two companies also work in close collaboration to fit even complex machines with multiple linear units and a local communication unit. In these cases, actuators with hybrid cables and SeGMo boxes are used, along with a compact PLC control system with operator terminal. 
Both of these are supplied by Lenord+Bauer on request, in the form of a connection-ready module with operator software included. Integration into an existing control environment is really simple, as the SeGMo system supports standard interfaces such as PROFIBUS and PROFINET.