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RK Rose+Krieger -RK Safety Guards - (EN)


RK protection and separation system DIN EN ISO 14120.

Due to the ever increasing automation of production processes and plants, the protection of persons against sources of danger is of increasing importance.

The protection and separation system is designed in grid construction and thus reduces the effort of the user for planning, construction and assembly to a minimum.

It complies with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

The safe fastening between posts and protective fence element is realized with a modern connector that meets the legal requirements for separating protective devices.

Posts and protective fence elements are already equipped with all attachments upon delivery, allowing the protective fence elements to be installed without tools.

After the posts have been fastened to the substrate, the protective fence elements are simply inserted at the bottom and pressed on at the top - that's it!

Avoid danger points in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13857.

The grid system allows concentration on the essentials, namely the protective functionand its design, with minimum time expenditure.