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TDK - Product Survey 2019 Electronic Components, Modules and Systems (GB)




Power Inductors

Signal Use Inductors

Multilayer Inductors

Signal EMC Filters

Power EMC Filters and Chokes


Noise Suppressing Sheets


SAW Components

MEMS Devices for Mobile Communications and Information Technology

SAW Filters, Duplexers for Base Stations,

Femto Cells and Trunked Radio

SAW Filters for Automotive and Industrial

SAW Filters for Multimedia

SAW Filters, Duplexers and Modules for Cellular Communications

Modules for Information Technology

Ceramic and Thin-Film RF Components

LTCC Substrates for LED


MEMS Devices

MEMS Devices for Mobile Communications and IT


Micro Modules

Bluetooth V4.1 Smart Single Mode Module 


Piezo and Protection Devices

Piezo Actuators for Automotive

Piezo Receivers, Buzzers

Surge Arresters

PTC Thermistors


Inrush Current Limiters

Multilayer Varistors,

Ceramic Transient Voltage Suppressors (CTVS)

NTC Thermistors

Nebulizer Units



NTC Sensors

Pressure Sensors

Humidity Sensors

Applied Sensors


Ceramic Capacitors

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

Leaded Ceramic Capacitors

Ultra-High Voltage Capacitors



Film Capacitors

Medium Power Film Capacitors

DC Link, DC Filtering Film Capacitors

UPS Film Capacitors

AC Film Capacitors

PFC Capacitors and Key Components

Power Capacitors


Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors


Electric Double Layer Capacitors



Ferrite Magnets

Rare-Earth Magnets


Wireless Charging

Important Notes 


Transparent Conductive Film

ITO Transparent Conductive Film

Hard Coat Film


EMC Measurement Solutions – Anechoic Chambers & Systems


Factory Automation Systems

FOUP Load Port

Flip-Chip Bonding System


DC/DC Converters for Automotive

Wireless Power Transmission Coil Unit

Important Notes