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Top quality Stainless Steel Round Bar Manufacturer, Supplier in India - Girish Metal India
Girish Metal India is a premier Stainless Steel round bar manufacturer in India. It is also an esteemed Stainless Steel round bar supplier in India. We run our operations in various southern cities of India. Stainless steel 304 round bars and Stainless steel 316 round bars are among our main products. We supply Stainless steel round bars in major southern cities of India, like Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi, Coimbatore and Hyderabad.

Our stainless steel round bar redefines strength and durability, which makes us an unrivaled stainless steel round bar exporter. The quality of our SS round bar is stringently evaluated at each stage of production. We supply ss round bars to various construction, engineering and pharmaceutical industries.

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Phone: +919167464824
E-Mail: export@girishmetal.com
Product source: Stainless Steel round bar manufacturer
Website: https://girishmetal.com/
Address: 44, Mehta Building, 2nd Carpenter Street, Mumbai-400004, Maharashtra, India.
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