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3D CAD Models APP
My 3D Part Of The Day:

Gear pump flange 90° elbow 4 holes – aluminium
EO Gear pump flange 90° elbow 4 holes – aluminium PWDS-G12/LK35A

#CAD #Engineering #parker @parker

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The app from CADENAS offers you access to this and millions of other components of renowned manufacturers. With this free app you can view 3D CAD models with your mobile device and have the CAD model sent to you by e-mail in the preferred CAD format.

A Link to the free app is available at

iTunes Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/free-3d-cad-models/id522705054?mt=8
Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cadenas.cadmodels

If you do not have a smartphone / tablet you can view the recommended component via internet and download it directly onto your computer: http://b2b.partcommunity.com/portal/portal/b2b/CAD+CATALOGS?info=parker/m_flansche/06m_zahnrad_fl/pwds_g.prj&varset=%7Bparker/m_flansche/06m_zahnrad_fl/pwds_g.prj%7D,%7BNB=EO%20Zahnradpumpenflansche%204%20Loch%2090%20Winkel%20-%20Aluminium%20PWDS-G12/LK35A%7D,%7BERMETO=PWDS-G12/LK35A%7D,%7BINFO=Infotext%7D,%7BWERKSTOFF=Aluminium%7D,%7BLK=35%7D,%7BT1=G1/2%7D,%7BNDMT1=20.955%7D,%7BKDMT1=18.631%7D,%7BD1=14.0%7D,%7BL1=42.5%7D,%7BL2=18%7D,%7BL3=20%7D,%7BL4=34%7D,%7BDB=6.5%7D,%7BS=M6x30%7D,%7BSS=M6x40%7D,%7BS2=5.000%7D,%7BT=3.000%7D,%7BK2=6.000%7D,%7BDD1=10.000%7D,%7BNDMS=6.000%7D,%7BKDMS=4.917%7D,%7BORING=18.72x2.62%7D,%7BID=18.720%7D,%7BRS=2.620%7D,%7BG=0.11%7D,%7BPNA=180%7D

Have fun!
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