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Manual Setup

To setup the Remote Translation Service the following steps are required:

  1. Precondition is availability of following licenses:

    • CADENAS license package for Capvidia operation


    • Valid Capvidia license 3DTransVidia.

      1. With the command cmd open a shell.

      2. Execute the following command.

        $CADENAS\libs\x86\64\custom\capvidia\registration.exe 3DTransVidia /change

        -> The dialog box 3DTransVidia Registration is opened.

      3. With Request Key you can request a license key or if you already have a key, enter it under License Key and confirm with OK.

  2. $CADENAS_SETUP/partsol.cfg

    Adjust partsol.cfg as the following figure shows.



  3. STEP is the preferred format, because only this can be fully analyzed by Capvidia, because the STEP format contains all topological information. STL does not contain this information.

    $CADENAS_USER/psolopt.cfg or $CADENAS_DEFAULTUSER/psolopt.cfg

    The described workflow requires the following setting: In block [CadAssistant] the key UseStepFormat has to be set on YES.

  4. $CADENAS_SETUP/transremote.cfg

    Adjust transremote.cfg as the following figure shows.

    • Enabled: Set the value on 1.

    • NODES: Enter the server.

    • NAT_CAPVIDIA is the Capvidia conversion format



  5. $CADENAS_SETUP/pappclient.cfg

    Install PARTapplicationServer (PAPPSERVER) via command line.

    $CADENAS\bin\x86\64\pappserver.exe –install

    Start PARTapplicationServer (PAPPSERVER) via command line.

    $CADENAS\bin\x86\64\pappserver.exe –start

    In pappclient.cfg, add the respective IP address.

  6. Install psworker Service

    In order for the remote conversion to be processed, the PSWorker is required.

    1. Install psworker service via command line.

      Pfad..\bin\x86\64\psworker.exe –install
    2. For testing purposes start psworker GUI via command line. (Alternatively in the Service window of Windows)

      Here you can see whether a job is processed when starting a GeoSearch in the CAD.

      Pfad..\bin\x86\64\psworker.exe –gui
    3. Open psworker config via command line and adjust the settings as shown in the following figures.

      Pfad..\bin\x86\64\psworker.exe –config

      Tabbed page "General settings"

      Tabbed page "General settings"

      In order for Capvidia to be used a CAPVIDIA Queue is needed which can be added via Plus. Finally the term CAPVIDIA has to be entered behind the Queue.

      Tabbed page "Worker Configuration"

      Tabbed page "Worker Configuration"

    4. Start PARTsolutionsWorker via command line or TaskManager-Services

      Pfad..\bin\x86\64\psworker.exe –start
    5. PARTapplicationserver and PARTsolutionsWorker should be running now. (A PAPPserver has to be running in search mode at least, because it is responsible for the communication.)

      Services "PAPPSERVER" and "PARTsolutionsWorker"

      Services "PAPPSERVER" and "PARTsolutionsWorker"