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Manual  Connection

In the following is described how to export a connection from PARTsolutions, place it in CoCreate Modeling and optionally set a hole in the element to bolt.

  1. In the PARTsolutions menu call up the menu item Connection.

    Call up "Connection"

    Call up "Connection"

    -> The dialog Select drilling type is displayed.

  2. Determine whether a blind hole or a through hole shall be created.

    -> The PARTsolutions connection dialog changes, but is still active.

    -> Furthermore the CoCreate Modeling dialog "Durchgangsloch" ("Through hole") appears.

  3. Now determine the thickness of the bolting elements by clicking adequate elements (e.g. plane, edge).

    -> Afterwards in the CoCreate Modeling dialog "Durchgangsloch" ("Through hole") in all three fields "Definiert" ("Defined") is displayed.

    Confirm with .

    Furthermore the PARTsolutions connection dialog is active now.

    The calculated thickness is displayed.

    Connection dialog active

    Connection dialog active

    Click on Finish.

    -> The view returns to PARTdataManager.

  4. In PARTdataManager determine the connection components.

    Determine connection components

    Determine connection components

    Detailed information on connections is found under Section 3.1.12, “ Connections ”.

  5. Optionally you can export holes in addition.

    In this case you also determine the hole type in the columns Hole (B) / Hole (N).

    In the Connection menu , on the icon Export holes on/off you have to set "On".

    • On

    • Off

  6. Click on the button Transfer to CAD.

    -> The view returns to CoCreate Modeling with opened dialog 1. Select method.

    1. Select method

    1. Select method

    Click on the button On surface .

    -> The dialog view changes.

  7. Select the correct Insertion point.

    Select insert position

    Select insert position

  8. On the bolting element click on the desired insertion position.

  9. In the PARTsolutions dialog click on Place.

    -> The connection is placed.

  10. Optionally set the hole: (The exact behavior can slightly differ between the different versions.)

    Hereto select the connection.

    In the PARTsolutions menu under Negativteile (Negative parts) click on Apply.

    -> The dialog "Auswahl" ("Selection") opens.


    - In the dialog "Negative" select the desired PARTsolutions connection elements.

    - In the dialog "Positive" select the desired target parts, which shall be cut.

    - Click OK. All positives are cut with all negatives.

  11. In order to check the hole hide the connection elements.

    The hole has been set.

    Hole set

    Hole set