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5.2.2.  Buttons

The following gives an overview of the buttons. [148]

  • File (Group field)

    • Create new configuration

    • Open file

    • Add file

      With Add file you can add further assemblies to an already opened assembly.

      Assembly 1

      Assembly 1

      Assembly 2

      Assembly 2

      Assembly 1 added to assembly 2

      Assembly 1 added to assembly 2

    • Save file

    • Reverse

    • Restore

    • Delete part

      Delete the selected part with this command.

    • Separate connection of a part

    • Export BOM list

    • Create worksheet

  • Add (group field)

    Add profile

    Add transport systems

    Add safety system

    Add piping

    Add objects

    Add lego

  • Edit standard functions (group field)

    Move part in flute

    Choose connector

    Rotate part around connection

    Connect and lengthen profile

    Move/rotate part

    Matrix copy

    Fix part on position

    Separate distance between parts

    Define dependency between parts

    Replace part


    Actively measure

    Part overview

    Show comments in 3D

    Comment about part

    Load DXF as background

    Change length

  • Edit special functions (group field)

    Search for non-connected profiles

    Automatic placement of end caps

    Automatic assembly of rail for transport distance

    Assembling profile distance

[148] Use the links in order to directly access help in the corresponding sections.