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5.3.4.  Choose connector

The view in the dialog area Details automatically switches to the selection of connectors.

Select your desired connector.

Choose connector

Choose connector

If you want to insert further connectors, click on OK, if you want to leave the dialog window, click on Next.

The following connectors can be found in the selection:

[Note] Note

The selection of connectors is customized.

  • L connector

  • Fix connection

  • MG connection

  • M6 connection

  • M8 connector

  • M8-L connection

  • M8 clamp connection

  • M12 connection

  • M12 clamp connection

  • Clamping connection

  • Universal connector

  • Angle connector

  • Central connector inside

  • Central connector outside

  • Central connector inside jointed

  • Central connector outside jointed

  • Miter connection outside

  • Miter connection inside

  • Butt joint

  • Central butt joint

  • Joint connection

  • Disc holder

  • Junction plate

[Note] Note

Only those connectors that are possible in this constellation are shown.

Confirm with OK.

--> The selected connector is inserted.

Connector: L angle

Connector: L angle

[Tip] Tip

If there is more than one selection option, you can simplify the selection process by selecting both target parts with the CTRL key at the beginning. The correct part is then visible under Details immediately.


For certain connectors you must determine the miter angle.

Enter the angle additionally.

[Note] Note

After positioning a part, the dialog for the selection of a connector shows up automatically (as long as preceded by the selection of a connector).

Via the select connector button you can open the dialog at any time.