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5.4.1.  Export BOM list

[Note] Note

The function export BOM list and the creation of the dialog are customizable if desired.

Click on export BOM list in order to create a BOM list directly from the configuration.

--> In the BOM list dialog all parts in the configuration with the part number (Comment), article number, description, amount and length are listed.

BOM list

BOM list

Additional parts - Selection list

Additional parts - Selection list


All available parts are listed with article number and description.

Use Confine article number and/or Confine description, in order to find the part faster in the list.

Choose the part and click OK.

--> Added parts are displayed in blue.

Edit The Edit button is only active for added parts and opens the corresponding selection dialog again.
Delete With Delete you can remove added parts.
Calculation Calculation calls up an external processing program.

Via ... open the Explorer window, enter a file name for the BOM list and click OK.

--> The path is shown in the entry field.

Save Save saves the BOM list in the appointed path as an XML file.
Cancel Cancel closes the dialog window.