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Chapter 5. Interactive Product Configurator

Table of Contents

5.1. Installation / Start
5.2. Classification of the user interface and functions
5.2.1. Overview
5.2.2. Buttons
5.2.3. Menus
5.2.4. 3D view toolbar
5.2.5. Context menu commands in 3D view General Connection points --- connect Configure linear system
5.2.6. Table selection Value range columns Information columns
5.3. Assembling a configuration — basic functions
5.3.1. Insert starter part
5.3.2. Select connection point
5.3.3. Move part in flute
5.3.4. Choose connector
5.3.5. Part overview
5.3.6. Add further parts
5.3.7. Disconnect connection of part
5.3.8. Delete part
5.3.9. Meaning of colors on part
5.3.10. Export
5.3.11. Create 2D derivation Settings Context menu of the 2D view Dimensioning mode
5.3.12. Conflicts
5.4. Further functions
5.4.1. Export BOM list
5.4.2. Rotate part around connection point
5.4.3. Combine and expand profile
5.4.4. Move / rotate part
5.4.5. Matrix copy
5.4.6. Fix part to position
5.4.7. Change distance between parts
5.4.8. Replace part
5.4.9. Measurement of 3D parts
5.4.10. Active measurement
5.4.11. Show comments in 3D
5.4.12. Comment on part
5.4.13. Load DXF as background
5.4.14. Define dependency between parts
5.4.15. Change length
5.5. Special function
5.5.1. Create worksheets Settings 2D view context menu Dimensioning mode in 2D view META Export the 2D derivation Measure 3D parts
5.5.2. Search for unconnected profiles
5.5.3. Automatic placement of end caps
5.5.4. Automatic assembly of a guard rail for a transport roadway
5.5.5. Assembling a profile distance

Using the Interactive Product Configurator has a lot of advantages:

  • Save time for creation of complex assemblies

  • Reduce errors through a clear system of rules

  • Reuse existing 3D eCATALOGsolutions product data

The foundation for the Interactive Product Configurator constitutes of the CADENAS MultiCAD surrounding in 2D and 3D, which means that the data from the CADENAS Interactive Product Configurator are compatible with every CAD system, and that in the highest data quality.

All components used follow a system of rules. Only things that belong together can be assembled together. This reduces errors during creation of configurations.

The clearly arranged user interface quickly reaches a high user acceptance since only a short training period is necessary.

The CADENAS Interactive Product Configurator runs without installation and benefits from an extremely small file size (approx. 350 MB).

Companies, which have already created an electronic product catalog with CADENAS, can set up an Interactive Product Configurator with that data relatively easily.

Existing eCATALOGsolutions data are reused during creation of their respective system of rules. For companies, that do not yet have electronic product catalogs in the CADENAS format, an eCATALOGsolutions database is created that not only serves as the basis for the configurator, but also for further Cross Media Publishing issues.

This then efficiently reuses 3D data for print, web and CD solutions.

The following gives an introduction into working with the interactive product configurator.