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1.8.2. How can I import the selected CAD model into the CAD system? (Supplier portals)

Proceed as follows, in order to download a CAD model:

  1. Make sure that the desired part is specified in the table view (and in the variable view in addition - if there are value range fields).

  2. If not yet done - determine the desired CAD formats and the transfer mode to CAD in the Download area of CAD models under Edit CAD formats -> Add CAD formats. Details on this can be found under Section, “How can I select a CAD format? | How can I define the transfer mode into the CAD system? (Supplier portals)”.

    The following modes are available:

    • download

    • directIntoCad

    • email

  3. Now in the dialog area CAD model selection, click on Generate CAD MODEL.

    -> The information dialog Generating CAD models opens.

    [Note] Note

    All formats activated under Download CAD models -> Edit CAD formats -> Selected Formats are generated.

    As long as the generation is running, is shown.

  4. As soon as the generation has completed you can download the CAD models in this window, or directly transfer to the CAD system or you will get informed by a note that the component was sent by e-mail.

    • Download: Click on the link.

    • Direct integration: Click on the link.

    • When you are using the e-mail delivery a corresponding information appears.

    You can close the window during the generation and select further CAD models because all generated CAD models are also available in the Download area of CAD models.

    In the Download area of CAD models the following links and symbols are displayed:

    • Download

    • Direct integration

    • No link: When you are using formats with the transfer mode CAD models sent per e-mail, nothing is displayed.

    In addition the following is shown:

    • Remove: By clicking on the link you can remove parts from the list, which are no longer needed.

    • Info: Specific part information

    Via checkbox on the left you can select single parts or all parts (checkbox at the top) and then apply the command on these.

Detailed information about the individual modes you can find in the following subchapters.