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Manual First steps

[Warnung] Warnung

Follow this tutorial exactly. If you miss some steps or do them in a different order, you may damage your databases permanently. Cadenas is not responsible for any data lost!

  1. Backup your databases

    Create a backup of your catalog and plant databases before integrating any Cadenas Smart Plant symbols.

  2. Allow .NET access to your symbol share

    This step must be done once on each Computer running Smart Plant before any other installation steps.

    The symbol DLL files contained in the ZIP file are .NET assemblies. Because of Microsoft Windows security issues you have to unlock your symbol share for .NET access on each computer running Smart Plant.

    To do this, open a Windows command prompt with Administrator privileges and execute the following command. Replace the part <Symbol Share> with the path to your symbol share location.

    "C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\caspol.exe" -pp off -machine -addgroup 
     LocalIntranet_Zone -url“<Symbol Share>\*” FullTrust -name "Symbol Share"