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Manual Bulkload the reference data

Locate the symbol reference data files.

The symbol reference data can be found in the XLS directory of the extracted ZIP archive.

There should be two Excel files:

  • The reference data file containing all information about your symbol

  • The codelist data file (always named CodeList.xls) containing the required code lists.

Run the Smart Plant Bulkload tool to integrate the delivered reference data.

The screenshot below displays the required configuration.

The checkbox “Update Object Type Hierarchy and Catalog Views” must only be checked during the bulkload of the first Cadenas symbol. Disabling this checkbox will improve performance of the bulkload.

Some warnings may occur during bulkload, which may be ignored:

  • WARNING: cannot create object . Object already exists in the database. Skipped the row [8] in ClassNodeType WorkSheet of ….xls

    These warnings only tell you, that the ClassNodeType worksheet already has been bulkloaded before, so it is skipped. This is not a dangerous error, so you may safely ignore it.

The new symbol is located in your Catalog at location /Equipment/coopercrousehinds/plug…

The folder structure is defined by R-Hierarchy sheet in the XLS file: