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Manual Deployment of Delivered Files

The ZIP file delivered by Cadenas contains an additional ZIP archive. In this embedded archive there are all files required by Smart Plant to run the symbols correctly. Extract the files in the embedded ZIP archive to a temporary folder of your choice.

[Warnung] Warnung

The ZIP includes a DLL which maybe can be filtered by your e-mail client or some AntiVirus software installed on your system. Verify you can receive such files!

After extraction examine the resulting folder structure.

The folders contain the following data:

/Cadenas/BMP: Technical 2D Preview Bitmaps for SmartPlant
/Cadenas/PS3: Model Data in Cadenas Export Format
/Cadenas/SAT: SmartPlant Geometry Data Files
/Cadenas/XLS: SmartPlant Reference Data Sheets
/Custom Symbols: SmartPlant Symbol DLL

Copy the contents of the Cadenas folder (including all subfolders) to your Symbol Share in the folder <Symbol Share>/Cadenas.

Copy the contents of the Custom Symbols folder to your Symbol Share in the folder <Symbol Share>/Custom Symbols.

It may happen, that Windows complains about already existing files. If so, choose overwrite.