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Manual  Mandatory parameters

[Note] Note

For editing the parameters, at first select the desired dimensioning.

Each dimensioning must contain the following parameters:

  • ID

    ID is only required, if a dimensioning serves as Base dimension for another dimensioning. Also see Section, “ Optional parameters ” -> Base dimension.

  • Description

    The description is automatically set and displayed in listing of dimensionings. You can adjust is as desired.

  • Type

    When creating a new dimensioning initially HORIZONTAL is automatically set. Adjust the selection in the list field, if needed. You can change the type anytime.

    Under "Type" the following options are selectable:




    • RADIAL

    • WINKEL



    [Note] Note

    The parameter fields are not updated until you have clicked Save changes .

  • Views

    At the desired 2D views, where the dimensioning shall be displayed, activate the checkbox.

    Views which contain a dimensioning, can be recognized in the 3D toolbar, by a respective icon with dimensioning lines .

  • Start point and End point

    In order to select start and end point you have different options available:

    1. Select desired point via context menu in the 3D view

      1. In the list of dimensionings, select the desired one.

      2. In the 3D view click the secondary mouse key.

        -> The context menu is opened.

      3. Under Use as ... click on "Start point" or "End point".

        -> The exact point name is taken into the input field.

    2. Select desired point via list in the input field

      1. With the secondary mouse key, click into the field.

        -> A list with all available points of the object is opened.

      2. Select the desired point.

        -> The exact point name is taken into the field.

    3. Select desired point via Copy & Paste

      1. In the 3D view, click on the desired point.

        -> It is marked in red.

      2. Click into the input field of the point.

      3. Enter the point name via Ctrl+V from the clipboard into the input field.

        Example: Enter start point

        Example: Enter start point

  • Position (Distance dimension to the reference line)

    You can reference to the Bounding Box or the element or use absolute values:

    • BBOX: Distance to bounding box.

    • ELEMENT: Distance to the element to be dimensioned itself.

    • ABSOLUTE: Distance to the element to be dimensioned itself. The specification happens via X and Y coordinate. In this way angular dimensionings can be set.


    Offset (BBOX)

    Offset (BBOX)

    The value can be fixed, build by a variable or by PARTdesigner expression (see Section 16.1, “PARTdesigner-Expressions ”).

    Example PARTdesigner-Expression: