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Manual  VDI 3805 Importer Scope of application

With the help of VDI 3805 importer, manufactures from the TGA field [30] (building services for heatings, pipes, pumps, etc.) can import their VDI catalog and create a PARTsolutions catalog, which then can be provided on PARTcommunity portals. Provided download formats currently are the neutral formats STEP/IGES (3D) and DWG/DXF (2D).

Process chart

Process chart

Geometry and meta data specific to certain sheets are imported.

Currently only the import of static data is supported.

Data can be updated constantly.

VDI 3805 controls product data exchange in the TGA by different data sheets. Each sheet defines a specific product range with details on all attributes and detailed product descriptions. As of V11 SP3 PARTsolutions supports the sheets 17, 20 and 21.

The following figure shows the current editing status[31] of data sheets.

VDI 3805 data sheets

VDI 3805 data sheets VDI Wizard

In the following you can find a description on how to simply create your own VDI catalog with the help of a Wizard.

  1. Open the Wizard in PARTproject, in the Project selection via context menu under Automation -> VDI 3805 Wizard.

    PARTproject index tree with context menu command "VDI 3805 Wizard"

    PARTproject index tree with context menu command "VDI 3805 Wizard"

    -> The Wizard is opened with dialog area VDI Settings.

  2. Perform the settings in the dialog area VDI Settings:

    VDI Wizard with VDI Settings

    VDI Wizard with VDI Settings

    • Directory: Determine the directory of the VDI files to be imported via search button ....

    • LOD: Choose between Low Quality and High Quality.

      This concerns quality and structure of geometry to be imported. Default is Low, which should meet most of customer requirements, depending on how complex data are. With Low more data can be imported as with High (tolerances, accuracy, compatibility).

    • Generate Preview: If you like to create preview images for projects and lines, activate the checkbox.

    • Document Path: Currently the NT (Standard text) is inserted with „$Blatt./$TGA_Nummer.“ as default.

      This results in creating a respective catalog as subdirectory per imported VDI file (sheet). These sheet catalogs can be compatibly synchronized when importing/updating again. In the example in hand we have the sheets 17 and 20, and the structure is as follows:

      <chosen catalog name>
      o 17
      o 20 

      [Note] Note

      Currently NB (Standard name) and LINA (BOM name) cannot be manually adjusted in the Wizard. By default, the values are set to NT (TGA_Nummer) [TGA number]. If this shall be changed you have to edit the pipeline in PARTwarehouse.

  3. Click on Next > and then perform the settings in the dialog area Catalog settings:

    VDI Wizard with Catalog Settings

    VDI Wizard with Catalog Settings

    • Indexing: Determine whether the display index shall be created when importing (On/Off).

    • Import: Determine import mode:

      • Synchronize: Matching with existing structure, attributes, geometry

      • Enrich: Enrichment of structure, attributes, geometry

      • Remove: Removing information from structure, attributes, geometry

      • Custom: Individual adjustment of process by pipeline configuration

    • Catalog name: Determine the desired catalog name via search button ..., or create this folder.

    • Catalog license: As usual when importing a catalog a license has to be inserted, if required:



    • Order number: By default Hersteller Bestellnummer (manufacturer order number) is inserted.

    [Note] Note

    During creation of catalogs, the sheet number is applied as name in the level under catalog name. Further substructures may not be created manually in order for updates and the functions Synchronize / Enrich / Remove / Custom to work.

  4. Finally click on Finish.

    -> The import and the catalog creation are started. Depending on size of source file and chosen settings (preview images, LOD) this may last some minutes or hours.

  5. Once the import is finished, update the index in eCATALOGsolutions by pressing F5 in order for the result to be displayed.

    Index in eCATALOGsolutions

    Index in eCATALOGsolutions

  6. Open the VDI catalog in PARTdataManager, in the Part selection.

    Part selection: Imported sample parts

    Part selection: Imported sample parts

  7. Open a project in PARTdataManager, in the Part view.

    All existing attributes have been applied and filled, 3D view and preview images are available.

    Part view: Imported sample part

    Part view: Imported sample part Precondition for operation
  • Standard eCATALOGsolutions/PARTProject system requirements. See Chapter 2, System requirements in Installation Manual.


[30] Technical building services

[31] https://www.vdi.de/fileadmin/vdi_de/redakteur_dateien/gbg_dateien/VDI_3805_Bearbeitungsstand-05-21-2015.pdf