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5.17.5.  Name mapping for published elements

You can map the names of all labeled elements.

Use the configuration file class_mod.cfg in PARTadmin, in the Category dialog area under $CADENAS_SETUP.

Example values in class_mod.cfg

Example values in class_mod.cfg

Assembling the configuration file:

  1. Apply the catalog name via the context menu command Insert block.

  2. Via the context menu command Insert key, apply the group names (group1, group2, etc., with a consecutive counter).

    The value contains the definition under which requirements the mapping is carried out.

    The individual values are separated through the pipe symbol, which stands for the logical expression "or".

    If these value are correct, the mapping is carried out according to the thereupon following information (lines).

    Valid values are:

    • Path description (with double backslash)

    • Directory name

    • Any variable (e.g. NB)

    Example values: parts\\dncb|msk|NB=532761

  3. Apply the Mapping definitions as further keys under the group names.

    Keys (single parameters separated by commas) Value
    Element type Parameter for the attribute name Original name from PARTproject Responsible group definitions Mapping name in CAD system

    Possible parameters:



    Connection point: CNS_CP_NAMED


    CNS_ATTR_NAME Example value: F32 Example value: group1 Level_middle_horizontal
    Choose the appropriate type Carry the value over in each consecutive line The names were released in PARTproject during composing

    group1, group2, group3, etc.

    Enter the value identical to the group name

    The mapping names can be released

    In the above example the publishing name "F32" is mapped to "Level_middle_horizontal".

The following figure, for example, shows the mapped published names in CATIA V5.

Example for publishing in CATIA V5

Example for publishing in CATIA V5