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6.12.1. Update V9 to V10 / QA commands not displayed anymore

  • V9 is using SVN Subversion 1.6

  • V10 is using SVN Subversion 1.8

  • If V9 and V10 are installed on the same machine alternately usage is not allowed.

  • If V9 and V10 are installed on different machines then you can edit the same catalogs/projects alternately, however some features will not be available in V9.

  • If a V9 is accessing projects which have been edited with V10 before a small minus-icon is displayed.

  • After updating to V10, under Versioning system, you will find the context menu command Update the format of the working copy. Thereby the local working copy is updated for being able to be edited with SVN Subversion 1.8.

    Only after execution of this command further editing is possible.