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Manual Change of value range

Initial situation: Supposed the value range changed from [50-150] to [0-100]. Everything larger than 100, shall not be mapped, but the assignment shall be revoked. Everything in the range from 50 to 100 shall be mapped, since these values also exist in the new value range.

Changes of value range are automatically recognized by default (signalized by respective icon ).

In this case the new value range has to be specified with the help of Conditions.

In this example the value range can have all values lower or equal than 100.


Under Conditions, click on the plus sign, in the dialog box Edit algorithm, enter the condition and confirm with OK.

Edit algorithm

Edit algorithm

If you open a value range dialog in the table of the new project on the right, you will see that only entries between 0 and 100 are accepted.[55]

Now confirm the change by clicking on Verify all mappings .

Close the dialog by clicking OK.

[Caution] Caution

On behalf of modeling everything is done now.

However, after a catalog update in the case of value range changes (with any step width, in other words not with fixed values) ERP assignments have to be checked manually, since an automated process would have to try out an endless number of possibilities, which is not practical.[56] So an assigned ERP number could fall on a "wrong" value unremarked.

[55] Here in this example.

[56] In fact 3 options are checked per value range: starting, middle and maximal value.