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6.10.2. User interface and a simple use case

This section explains the user interface at a glance and then shows a simple use case so that you can become familiar with the working method in principle.

User interface

The user interface is subdivided in the following areas:

  • Directory structure on the left side

    At projects without icon an automatic mapping has been performed.

    At projects with icon an automatic mapping could not be performed.

    A final check and confirmation has to be done in both cases.

  • On the right side, the dialog box Edit ERP mapping is subdivided in an upper and lower half.

    • Top right:

      Display of target projects (new version) with the option to add Conditions and/or variable mapping.

    • Downright:

      Display of tables of old and new version

User interface at a glance

User interface at a glance

Exemplary use case

Initial situation: A project has been assigned automatically. However, you want to assign another project.

  1. Click on Revoke the mapping to this project .

    The table of the assigned project on the right side is deleted.

  2. Click on Add target project .

    -> The dialog box Search or select project opens.

  3. Select the desired project and click on Choose.

    -> Another Target project is added.

  4. At the desired project, click on the blue arrow Map this project to the currently selected line.

    -> The dialog box Select table line opens.

  5. Select the desired line and confirm with OK. (The variable name changed from 'A' to 'D' is correct. The change has been automatically detected.)

    -> In the right table, the desired project with the desired line is displayed (see following figure).

  6. Repeat the procedure for all desired lines.

    -> Result:

  7. Confirm the mappings by clicking on Verify all mappings.

    At all project lines and in the tree, a green checkmark is displayed as a symbol for the confirmed mapping.