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Manual Change of value range values

Initial situation: Supposed the values of the variable FORM have been changed from 'A' to '1' and from 'B' to '2'.

 'A', 'alpha', 'B', 'beta' --> '1', 'alpha', '2', 'beta'

After executing the command Edit ERP-Mapping... the respective dialog is opened. The change of variable values is recognized by default (signalized by the respective icon ).

However, when changing a variable value on the left at the "old" variable FORM, the variable assignment to the "new" variable on the right doesn't work. There, the value stays unchanged.

In order for the mapping to get working, you have to perform a variable assignment:

  1. Therefor, click on the plus sign at Target variable and in the list field, select the variable FORM.

  2. In the list field under Variable assignment, choose the option Algorithm....

    -> The dialog box Edit algorithm is opened.

  3. Enter the following algorithm and confirm with OK.


  4. Now test, when changing values on the left, if these are automatically changed on the right as well (e.g. value at variable FORM from alpha to beta).

    If this is the case, you can confirm the mapping .

All in all this case will occur if value range values are changed, if there were modeling errors or customer decided to change order numbers a bit by adding dash or something.