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Manual Conditions - Example 2

The rule should only be applied if one or more different parts occur in the assembly.

The selected parts should only be connected if 180 and 90 are also available for BOLTS.

  1. Set a checkmark at Only use if.

    --> The buttons Add and Delete are now activated.

  2. Click on Add.

    --> In the Table browser window you can see the part overview of the assembly.

    (Delete removes marked part from list.)

  1. Select those (by clicking on them and then confirming with OK) that you wish to take over into the condition.

  1. The selected ones are now displayed in the Only use, if dialog area.

Option fields:

  • all of the following parts were inserted

  • at least one of the parts inserted

You can make fulfilling the conditions dependant on whether all or just one part(s) is (are) to be implemented..