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Manual Merging 2 projects with fixed variables in one project with value range variable

The projects merge_a.prj and merge_b.prj only contain fixed variables. In the new version these projects are removed and the lines incorporated into the new project merge_ab.prj, which now contains a value range variable.

The assignment of the removed project merge_a.prj happened automatically. The value A (here in this example) of the fixed variable FORM appears in the value range variable of the new project merge_ab.prj. Here, you can directly confirm the lines by clicking on .

The mapping at the removed project merge_b.prj has to be conducted manually, because the second project could not be detected automatically (see tree icon).

Old table of merge_a.prj and new table of merge_ab.prj

Old table of merge_a.prj and new table of merge_ab.prj

  1. In the tree, select merge_b.prj and in the table, line 1 of the project. On the right side, the table of the new project is missing.

    Old table of merge_b.prj

    Old table of merge_b.prj

  2. Click on the Plus button Add target project.

    -> The dialog box Search or select project opens.

  3. On the tabbed page Choose, select the project merge_ab.prj and confirm with Choose.

    -> The target project is loaded.

  4. Test: Switch between the projects. In the right table, always the correct value inside the value range variable is displayed.

  5. Now you can confirm all assignments.

    Click on Verify all mappings.

    -> At the lines and at the project, a green checkmark is displayed.

  6. If all assignments in all projects of a directory are correct, then you can confirm all assignments in the directory via context menu command Verify all mappings.