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叉车 (68821 views - Transportation - Air Water Earth)

關於手動運輸工具,見唧車 叉车(又稱叉架起貨機或叉式起重車,粵語又名鏟車,台灣稱為堆高機)是指工廠、倉儲等地方对成件托盘货物进行装卸、堆垛和短距离运输作业的各种轮式搬运车辆。国际标准化组织ISO/TC110称为工业车辆。叉车的发展于1920年代,今天在生产和仓储运营过程中它已成为不可或缺的设备。
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Forklifts  sometimes called Lift Trucks  are a common sight in many workplaces, and often make the lifting and transporting of goods and materials much easier and safer. But without good safety practices and procedures in place forklifts can be very dangerous.  In fact, forklifts are a leading cause of workplace deaths and injuries.

A loaded forklift can weigh many tonnes, and do a lot of damage in the event of an accident.  In addition, they are frequently less stable than many other vehicles.

This comprehensive forklift safety program covers:

•The main causes of Forklift Accidents
•Pre-Operational Checks
•Operational Checks
•Getting on and off
•Load Handling
•Picking up a load
•Setting down a load
•Fault discovery
•Speed and Stopping Distances
•Traffic Management and Pedestrian Traffic

The objective of this program is to highlight the importance of operating Forklifts safely and by so doing, increase awareness of the standards for worker responsibility in observing and being active in daily safety procedures.






不少国家(或团体)与这种工业车辆有联系。四个主要的工业协会是:中国叉车协会(中国),工业车辆组织(北美),物流欧洲联盟(欧洲)和日本工业车辆协会(日本)。在这些组织之间有许多重要联系并且建立了一些联合统计和工程的项目。 以下是多种叉车类型的清单,按从小到大排列:

  • 电动平衡重叉车
  • 内燃平衡重叉车
  • 窄通道叉车


  • 手动托盘托板車
  • 步行式托盘托板車
  • 坐驾式托盘托板車
  • 侧站式托板車


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Transportation - Air Water Earth

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