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progeCAD (pronounced PRO-je-cad) is a Microsoft Windows based CAD software program for editing and printing DWG and DXF files from most versions of AutoCAD.
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Developer(s) progeSOFT
Initial release 2006; 11 years ago (2006)
Stable release
Operating system Windows
Type CAD
License Proprietary software
Website www.progesoft.com

progeCAD (pronounced PRO-je-cad) is a Microsoft Windows based CAD software program for editing and printing DWG and DXF files from most versions of AutoCAD.

Commercial CAD Software

progeCAD (originally called "ProgeSOFT IntelliCAD" until 2005) is a Computer-Aided Design software platform developed by ProgeSOFT. progeCAD is described as "a Professional, native DWG 2D/3D CAD, supplied with Applications, Libraries and Services at remarkably low cost.".[1] progeCAD is developed using ITC IntelliCAD,[2] ACIS and Open Design Alliance programming toolkits. The user interface emulates certain versions of AutoCAD, including floating toolbars and a command line supporting AutoLISP and VBA scripting. The "Professional" version includes several enhancements, such as information tables, basic dynamic block support, 3D solid modeling, rendering and PDF import & printing.[3] As of 2011, progeCAD also began including their 3D architectural design technology, "EasyArch".[4] progeCAD currently uses OpenGL hardware graphics technology, with limited GDI support for older video cards. There is no current support for DirectX hardware acceleration.

Free CAD Software (Non-Commercial)

In 2005 and 2006,[5] progeCAD released free versions of "progeCAD LT" for personal use. "LT" was sequeled in late 2007 with the release of the "progeCAD Smart![6]" personal CAD system.[7] progeCAD is not "open source". It is illegal to use the free versions of progeCAD for business or commercial application.[8]

progeCAD does offer full "Professional" licenses of progeCAD free to schools[9] for educational purpose. Many schools around the world have taken part in the progeCAD educational program.


progeCAD is currently distributed in English, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Polish, Czech, French, Swedish, Chinese and Russian, Polish, Czech, Chinese, Serbian and Russian. Translation is underway to support additional languages. progeCAD can be downloaded directly from the progeSOFT website.[10] As of progeCAD 2017 release, native 64-bit architecture support was added, as well as improved OpenGL hardware accelerated graphics.[11]

In 2006 progeCAD released their "CADforLinux", a commercial distribution of progeCAD for Linux using the Wine emulation layer. progeCAD CADforLinux is not currently in active development. Some users report success with progeCAD under Linux or MAC OS X virtualization as well as CITRIX desktop, but these configurations are currently unsupported by progeCAD.

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