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Young Engineers powered by JFG & CADENAS by Presseservice CANVAS
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  • Klaus Ritter
    Klaus Ritter posted a new topic:
    • Feb 5
  • Klaus Ritter
    Klaus Ritter joined the group Young Engineers powered by JFG & CADENAS
    • Feb 5
  • Jürgen Heimbach
    Jürgen Heimbach:
    edu.lab - Jakob-Fugger-Gymnasium Augsburg (international version)
    The edu.lab is an state of the art learning environment in Augsburg. Through multifunctional learning zones this unique room is adaptable to many learning sc...
    • November 19, 2018
  • J. Haas
    J. Haas: Erste Impressionen in einem kleinen Video...
    edu.lab - Jakob-Fugger-Gymnasium Augsburg (international version
    • November 9, 2018
  • Jürgen Heimbach
    Jürgen Heimbach: New Logo of the EDULAB - powered by http://fcl.eun.org/ and CADENAS.de
    • September 14, 2018
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  • Jürgen Heimbach
    Jürgen Heimbach: Great Event Today
    • September 14, 2018
  • Jürgen Heimbach
    Jürgen Heimbach: Looking forward to the LAB opening 14th September 2018 in Augsburg @ Jakob-Fugger-Gymnasium
    F1 in SChools - JFG
    Lab Opening 4th September 2018
    • September 13, 2018
  • J. Haas
    J. Haas: Jetzt kann man dann mit dem Smartphone 3D drucken. 99$ ist auch ein für Schulen interessanter Preis...
    • March 30, 2018
  • Jens Reisinger
    Jens Reisinger joined the group Young Engineers powered by JFG & CADENAS
    • February 11, 2018
  • Presseservice CANVAS
    Presseservice CANVAS:
    Formula Student Racing Teams 2017 sponsored by KVT-Fastening - Blog View - 3D CAD Models
    • September 21, 2017
  • LiNa
    LiNa: WARR Hyperloop Team wins competition II of the SpaceX Hyperloop Challenge

    The winning pod from Munich was developed with help from PARTsolutions powered by CADENAS
    • September 1, 2017
  • Annika  Litzel
    Annika Litzel: The WARR Hyperloop Team of the TU Munich starts at the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition II!
    WARR Hyperloop Team starts with PARTsolutions by CADENAS for the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition II - Blog View - 3D CAD Models
    • August 17, 2017
  • Jürgen Heimbach
    Jürgen Heimbach: Same approach like F1 in Schools
    MakerBot Stories | A. MacArthur Barr Middle School
    LEARN MORE: www.makerbot.com/blog/2014/08/11/stories-wheels-middle-school-co2-drag-race/ Vinny Garrison is the technology teacher and racing commissioner at A. MacArthur Barr Middle School, in Nanuet, NY. Over the course of seven weeks, each eighth gra...
    • June 16, 2017
  • Lucas Falkowsky
    Lucas Falkowsky: On Thursday the 30th of Mai, Sara Yang, the regional sales manager of the Chinese company for education robots, Makeblock, visited the Jakob-Fugger-Gymnasium, that is verified as a MINT supporting school.
    Of course, the 3D-printing-team was ready to pr...  more
    • June 1, 2017
  • LiNa
    LiNa: Sauberes Rennen: Mannheimer Studententeam startet mit Sponsor CADENAS bei der Formula Student Electric

    CADENAS treibt mit Sponsoring die Entwicklung der Elektromobilität voran

    ...  more
    • June 1, 2017