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What Are The Things That Make An Individual Happy?

  • May 4

    The term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is so frequently used and heard in our everyday lives. We consider it as a technology-related term, but we often overlook the exact meaning of this terminology. Let us discuss what it exactly means and understand it further:


    Artificial Intelligence or AI is a branch of the computer science niche. It refers to the implementation of intelligence into machine systems which enables a machine to react like a human. There are many activities that a computer can perform through the application of AI, which includes:

    • Speech Identification: helps a machine to comprehend spoken words and change them into textual form.

    • Problem-Solving: enables a device to solve and eliminate the problems that arise. 

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    A machine which can enact human behaviour is an outcome of Artificial Intelligence. However, it is a challenging and technical task to accomplish but is possible today with the advancement and knowledge applied in the field of technology. Robots have come in existence through the wonders of Artificial Intelligence. It is further excelling in the world and presenting us with more accessible solutions to our everyday problems.